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Sworn translator for the courts of Rimini and San Marino

Sworn translations

Traduzioni giurate e Traduzioni tecnicheA sworn or certified translation is a document that is translated and sworn before a judge, or a representative of a country’s legal system, in order for it to have the same legal value in another country or jurisdiction. This procedure is compulsory for documents such as Civil Registry certificates, notarial deeds, school diplomas and contracts, etc.

Not every court requires sworn translators to be registered with the court, however attention to detail and extensive knowledge of legal terminology and court proceedings are essential.

Technical translations

Traduzioni giurate e Traduzioni tecnicheTechnical translations are an extremely sector-specific type of translation, where both source and target documents are aimed at a “public of experts”. Technical translations vary greatly, and they rely on the translator’s knowledge of that specific sector (medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical, IT, financial, just to name but a few) and on his/her ability to understand and master specific terminology, both in the source and the target language.

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